All About Christian Wedding Rituals!

Have you ever been to Christian weddings? There is nothing more dramatic, elegant and sophisticated like Christian weddings.Contrary to Hindu weddings, Christian weddings are simple, short and sweet; but full of surprises and fun in every way. The pristine white gown, the lovely bouquet, adorable little flower girls, men in full-suits and the hero and….

The Traditional “Nikkah” And The Gorgeous Rituals Behind!

Have you ever been to a Muslim Wedding?” Most of you all would have gone to the wedding for their special and scintillating “Wedding Briyani”. Nikkah” as we all know! Muslim weddings are so intimate, grand and it marks a festive gathering of both bride and groom families. There are many customs and bountiful cultures….

The Colourful Details Of A Hindu Wedding

Hindu weddings are all about colours, flowers, priest chantings, delicious south-Indian food and more. When it comes to hindu weddings, what couple genuinely wants their special day to end? Ofcourse, there will be elaborate, bright and tradition-packed celebrations that tend to go on for a number of days before the actual wedding ceremony even begins…..

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